History of Osteopathy in Middle East – Egypt

“The History of the Egyptian Osteopathic Society”

Our history starts not too long ago, on summer day of June 2005:
By an invitation from the Egyptian PT syndicate to Dr. Khalil who just happened to be in Cairo visiting family with a goal to introduce (The global Osteopathic Concept /Holistic approach in Somatic Dysfunction) through their local Conference in Cairo, Egypt.
The best outcome of this lecture was a Small meeting at Dr. Balbaa’s Clinic -Dokki with a group of 8 PTs who are interested in Osteopathic approach but had no idea how to connect to international community’s …whose are later becomes the true Pioneers of the modest start. Those are a truly believed in osteopathy (Tameem, Ahmed, Al-Nahassan, Abdelhadi and few more) Great, young, open minded people deserve the best but unfortunate with limited resources.

- July 2006 :
During the PT international syndicate annual Seminar, Another lecture by Dr. Khalil on the same subject for larger number of a group of PTs under the umbrella of the Egyptian Osteopathic society, the Main outcome that meeting/ seminar was much better , more interested PTs in the Global Osteopathic approach.
Communications continues between Dr. Khalil and Student in Cairo via email, phone calls,etc, with a goal to organize future Seminars.

- December 26-09-2007 :
the first Workshop on Global osteopathic approach/ Nasser Institute Hospital for Research and Treatment, under care of Faculty of Physical therapy – University of Cairo, Egypt

- January 4th 2008 :
A Lecture at ALKasser Alanni Hospital – University of Cairo, School of Medicine – Cairo, Egypt, on The Global Osteopathic Approach and the future of Manual Medicine in Middle East by Dr. Khalil

- March 2008:
A Lecture by Dr. Khalil at the 10th PT International conference, Cairo- Egypt the future of osteopathic manual approach in Middle East.

- March 8th to 11th 2008:
the 2nd Workshop by Dr. Khalil, at University of Cairo – Egypt. ” an introduction on visceral manipulation for Manual Physical therapist.” Coordinated By Prof. Sami Nasef –Vice dean at a time

- July 2008:
the 3rd Workshop was just Two days seminar by Dr. Zaghloul Ahmed,PhD, on sacroiliac joint -somatic dysfunction under umbrella of the General physical therapy syndicate, this visit was such a great Help, support and totally donated by Dr. Zaghloul …

- January 5th ,2009:
-Another Lecture by Dr. Khalil, on the First International Symposium of Physical Therapy on the Future Vision of PT around the world –Holistic View from Osteopathic point of view.

- January 10th, 2009:
the 4th workshop– one Day: on Fascia Concept in Osteopathy at The First International Symposium of Physical Therapy

- January 11- 14 , 2009
the 5th Workshop at University of Cairo, Collage of Physical Therapy – Egypt, about the difference between Craniosacral and Osteopathy in Cranial field

- January16- 17,2009 :
the 6th Workshop By Dr. Khalil, at The General Physical Therapy Syndicate branch in Alexandria – Egypt General Osteopathic Manual approach for Physical therapy,

- January 18 to 22, 2009:
the 7th Workshop By Dr. Khalil , on General Osteopathic Assessment, Faculty of Physical Therapy Cairo University – Egypt

- January 23 to 26, 2009:
the 8th Workshop By Dr. Khalil, Introduction in Global Manual osteopathic Concept for Somatic Dysfunction ,this time the seminar was for faculties ,Professors, and Leadership of faculty of Physical Therapy at Cairo University , Egypt

- January 29- 31: ( a new Turn to Gulf Area, the beautiful city of Doha)
the first in Qatar and 9th workshop in the area by Dr. Khalil , at Hamad Medical Corporation (Hospital) Doha – Qatar Initiated by one of a great Believer and scholar of Manual therapy who happened to be working in Qatar at this time (Dr. Abu-Baker) on Introduction in Global Fascia Concept in Osteopathy.

- March 4th -6th of 2009:
the 10th Workshop by Dr. Khalil, on The 12th International Scientific Conference, “physical therapy Approach for Modernization and Development” Workshop + Lecture (Osteopathy Principles and Practice)

- March 8, 2009: ( a new Turn- by US- International Help)
A lecture by Dr. Anette Mnabhi, DO on Osteopathic Approach in Upper Respiratory dysfunctions followed by A Workshop (11th) at the Faculty of PT – Cairo University for Gynecology Department on (women’s Pelvic Dysfunctions)

- March 9th, 2009
the 12th workshop by Dr. Anette Mnabhi, DO on (an introduction on osteopathic approach in visceral manipulation) at The National Institute of Neuromuscular System – Imbaba /Egypt for MDs and PTs.
*Dr. Anette Mnabhi, DO from US- has Donated her time and efforts helping our hope and dreams,. Thank you Dr. Mnabhi for your kind help, Dr. Mnabhi has not only taught but also treated many of her student.

- March 12, 2009:
Osteopathic Day (Free Of Charges.- Osteopathic Treatment) by Dr. Khalil with a goal of public awareness at Tiba Hospital – Alexandria / Egypt Coordinated by National AL-AKHABR Newspaper.

- October 5-7, 2009:
the 13th workshop By Dr. Khalil in Alex- Egypt, “an Introduction – Global Fascia Concept in Osteopathy” Coordinated by Primphysio, UK (NFP Organization specialized in providing CEU for North Africa and Middle East Area)

- October 9, 2009: (A new Turn-to UAE-Al-Sharja University)
General lecture, “ Global Fascia Concept in Osteopathy” By Dr. Khalil, for MDs, PT and other health professionals –Al- Sharja University – Sharja UAE, Coordinated by the College of applied Sciences. Coordinated by a great Professor Dr. Fatma Hegazy and her team on

- October 9-10, 2009:
the 14th workshop By Dr. Khalil at Sharja University – Sharja UAE, Coordinated by Department of Physical Therapy,what a smart group of PT Students and great open minded Faculties and leadership, Thank you Dr. Hegazy and Everyone of here team…such talented Group.

- January 9th, 2010: (A new Turn-from the capital of Egypt
(Cairo) to rural areas of “Meet Ghamer”)
the 15th workshop By Dr. Khalil at Meet-Ghamer Central Hospital – Meet-Ghamer –Dakahlia –Egypt. A Full day on Global Osteopathic approach lecture – Promoting Osteopathic thinking for healthcare professional, what a smart group of PT , the meeting was Coordinated by a great, smart and talented Dr. Ghada Ali and her team

- January 10th 11th , 2010
the 16th workshop by Dr. Khalil, for PT/MD at Cardiac Central Hospital /Embaba-Cairo–Egypt on Global Osteopathic approach in Cardio-pulmonary dysfunction from the Global osteopathic Fascial point of View, the workshop been Coordinated by Dr. Ayeh Mohamed, thank you so much Dedication and help

- January 13th, 2010:
Another OSTEO-DAY: treating 10 patients with global Osteopathic approach at Prof. Dr. Sami Nasief, Dean of Faculty of PT at Faros University in Alex. Egypt at this time. Thank you Prof. Sami for your continues help and support for Osteopathy

- January 16th of, 2010:
another Lecture for PT/MD at Dar- El Mona Rehabilitation Hospital, Cairo–Egypt on Global Osteopathic approach in Somatic Dysfunctions

- March , 2010: New turn (International help ESO, Jon Parson, DO)
Prof. Parson -a head of international department in ESO- donating his time and efforts to give a lecture on Short Seminar during the International PT conference in Cairo and also a full day workshop (17th )in Cairo university about Tensegrity Mr. Parson Flu directly from Moscow to Cairo with on a short Not just to Honor my request for help, what a Great Spirit, Incredible Man, Thank you So much My Friend Jon.

- April, 24th -27th ,2010: ( a new Turn to the Largest Gulf State- Saudi Arabia)
General lecture BY Dr. Khalil at Riyadh Military Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Global Osteopathic Approach -somatic Dysfunctions followed by four days workshops ( the 19th) By Dr. Khalil, on Global Osteopathic Approach – Fascia Concept (hands-on workshop) at Riyadh Military Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, coordinated by great Leaders and Open Minded Group of MDs and PT (Dr. Maher Mohamed and His team) what a talented, Kind and open Mindedness Leadership, Student, PTs and Directors of PT Department At RMH- Riyadh .Thank you so much my friends

-April 28th, 2010 (still in SA)
General lecture: at King Feisal Hospital. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Global Osteopathic Approach coordinated by one of the best PT Professor with a lot of dedication to his work as a teacher and Practitioners Prof. Dr. Sabbahi

- April 29th, 2010: (from the Capital of SA (Riyadh) to Jeddah)
Another workshop for PT’s at Children Ability for early Intervention (Private Rehabilitation center) on Global Osteopathic approach for children with Disability. coordinated by Dr Ehab Waly, PhD..Such talented PT Doctor.Thank you my friend.

- May, 13, 2010:
Another Osteopathic Day –Cairo University , Faculty of PT, Biomechanics Department / Egypt (Full Day – Free of Charge Osteopathic Treatment) for selected / Screened PT Students Coordinated by Prof. Alhafez, and Dr.Mahmoud

- May, 15th, 2010:
the 20th workshop By Dr. Khalil,on Global Osteopathic Philosophy (Lecture/ hands-on) on different Fascia applications of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for adult and children at Rahma Children Centers of Dr Ehab Waly Office, Giza, Egypt coordinated by a great talented PT Doctor, Dr. Mai AbdelMohsen…thank you my friend for supporting our cause of promoting such a great Approach

- May, 16th , 2010:
Lecture at Police Sports Academy Hospital – Al-Abasia Cairo Egypt on Global Osteopathic approach coordinated by Dr. Ehab Issa

- August 6th, 2010: (True Birth –Officially)
Was a true Birth of the Egyptian Osteopathic Society, after a lot of paperwork, hard work of many people, and a lot of Money ,what a beautiful coincidence, August 6th1828 was the birthday of the founder of Osteopathic Medicine Dr. A.T.Still who would believe that 182 years later, His Name, philosophy and spirit of Global patient Care comes to live as far as 7000 miles away …Thank You So Much Dr. Still for your knowledge and principle you lift to us to help our Patients every day.

- 1st News letter by the Founder on November 03rd, 2010 to announce the Birth of the Egyptian Osteopathic Society (1163/2010- Cairo) to Promoting two tiers Model of Osteopathy not only in Egypt but to the Middle East Area. then followed by 2nd, 3rd, etc.. new letter to keep students connected and updated.
- continuo to deliver introductory courses for health care professionals and provide mostly free osteopathic evaluation and treatment with complete confidence in god, that one day the dream of hving the school will come true. but never realized how close that would be.

- Time pass by to all previous efforts turn into true real thing . 135 years ago on June 22nd 2012 the true birth and Start of the first school of Osteopathy In Cairo/ possibly in the middle east area for 34 talented medical professionals Students from four countries. under the direct care of the European school Of osteopathy – Maidstone UK ( with wonderful and exceptional support of Jonathan Parson DO ..Head of International Branch and Adrian Barns DO.. the Dean of the ESO.

NEW Era in the Mideast:

IAO has signed a FIVE Years commitment with Middle East for Continues educations, Inc. (Osteo Egypt Sister Company) to provide a 5 year modular training. Each year contains 6 modules of 3 days starts Thursday – Saturday The teaching times are from 8:00AM till 6:45PM (on Saturday till 4:00PM). The IAO is using what is called “Blended Learning”, which is a combination of in Classroom teaching and e‐learning. You can learn more about this when you surf to this IAO webpage: http://www.osteopathie.eu/en/training/diplomas/master-of-science-training-in-osteopathy

Students who pass all exams, and who are successful in writing a scientific article get the DO Degree from the IAO. Another very interesting option we want to offer you is to get a Master of Science in Osteopathy, which is a legal diploma in no less than 47 European countries. This consists out of 8 modules (approximately 30 days of in classroom teaching), passing the exams and writing a Master thesis. This opportunity we want to offer you is unique, since the IAO is closely working together with the University of Applied Sciences Tyrol.

Some Remarks:

*It takes more than 35 workshops/seminars, international key note speaking and a lot of lecture and a lot of Pioneers and talented people to put this together , there is many others Great people that helped directly or indirectly …, many of them don’t want me to mentioned their names , but I think they least deserve the recognition from us.

A- US-Side: Dr. Ahmed Zaki, Sharon Hladik and Team of course my dear friends at URP for being So patient and kind during my Osteo-Education years .

B- Canadian-Side: Dear Friend, true Inspiration, Osteo-Partner for seven years and very close friend for least 10 years Esmat Ilhalim and Peter Ducik those are the heroes behind the scene.

C- Egypt-Side: Dr. Sami Saad, Dr. Sami Nasef, Dr Tameem, Dr.Ahmed, Dr.Abdelhadi, and later Dr. Karim and Dr. Ghada

D- Gulf-Side: Dr. Fatima Hegazy, Dr. Maher Mohamed,Dr. Nagwa Khan, Dr. Abu-Baker and their teams for being true help and dedication for the PT profession in their territories.

Thank God, before after all for giving us the ability to do this.

There are many heroes has inspired this work /project to come to live, there are many Great Quality people here in US, Canada, Egypt , UK , and Gulf, who helped me to make this possible.
For the Records I would like to thank those “HEROES” who worked behind the scene, I will Starts from the origin:
- Cairo Egypt… My mom, my sisters, my Aunties, my wife and son, who believed in me long time ago and supported the project.
- My Teachers from around the World starts from Cairo- Egypt, Chicago –USA, Toronto –Canada, Midstone-UK and France for their passionate teaching.
- My friends ,colleges and students of my study groups,
- My wonderful Chicago Friends ( Dr. Annett Minbhi, and Dr. Abdelhadi Minbhi and all Chicaho Cranial Group( Midwestern University) for their inspiration, Help and true osteopathic Gift who they share with me all the time.
- Thank God for putting this together and finally Thank you for your time reading our very brief History in the area.

It is still just the beginning, may God help all of us to see our Dream comes true in the near future, with many osteopathic School around north Africa, Middle east p to serve our people, our families who truly in a disparate need of such services.

Dr. Hesham Khalil,